Tamil Nakshatra Names: Nakshatras List in Tamil Astrology

There are 27 Nakshatrams list in Hindu Astrology. 2 or partly 3 Nakshatras are categorized under a Rashi.

27 Nakshatra are categorized in 12 Rashis or zodiac signs.

Here is the list of Tamil Nakshatra or names of Nakshatra as per Tamil Astrology.

  1. Aswini
  2. Bharani
  3. Karthigai
  4. Rohini
  5. Mrigasheersham
  6. Thiruvaathirai
  7. Punarpoosam
  8. Poosam
  9. Aayilyam
  10. Makam/ Magham
  11. Pooram
  12. Uthiram
  13. Hastham
  14. Chithirai
  15. Swaathi
  16. Visaakam
  17. Anusham
  18. Kettai
  19. Moolam
  20. Pooraadam
  21. Uthiraadam
  22. Thiruvonam
  23. Avittam
  24. Chathayam / Sadayam
  25. Poorattathi
  26. Uthirattathi
  27. Revathi

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