Take animal compassion vow on Naga Panchami

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, sending early Naga panchami greetings to one billion Hindus of the world, has urged them to take a vow of compassion to all animals and treat them with kindness and respect. Zed, who is the president of Universal Society of Hinduism, in a release in Nevada (USA) today, wished that all Hindus be blessed and their prayers answered on the auspicious occasion of Naga-panchami festival, which falls on August 1 in 2014.

Naga-panchami, which is observed on the fifth day of the bright half of Sravana, commemorates the victorious return of Lord Krishna from Yamuna after overcoming serpent Kaliya. It is a celebration in honor of snakes, who are revered on this day and offerings are made of milk, flour, cooked food, etc., to them.

Rajan Zed stressed that non-violence was a greatest virtue in Hinduism and Hindus even did not plough fields on Naga-panchami day over the concern that a snake might be accidently killed.

Zed suggested to Hindus: focus on inner search, stay pure, explore the vast wisdom of scriptures, make spirituality more attractive to youth and children, stay away from the greed, and always keep God in your life.

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