Relevance of Vastu Shastra in Today’s times

What is the relevance of Vastu Shastra in Today’s times? People tend to consult Vastushastra (the ancient Indian science of space and architecture) before starting the construction of a building or a new home. What is the relevance of these practices in the times of today? See, there are many different shastras (body of science […]

Vastu dates 2018 | Vastu Days, Timings

Vastu Days in 2018, list of Vastu Dates in 2018 – Auspicious days for Vastu Pooja in 2018, best timings as per Hindu calendar, Tamil calendar are given here.. For Vastu Pooja, specific muhurat is needed. Auspicious tithi, Nakshatra, day, Lagna, etc.. are essential for Vastu Pooja during Grihapravesh or during any other instance. Vastu […]