Vastu dates 2018 | Vastu Days, Timings

Vastu Days in 2018, list of Vastu Dates in 2018 – Auspicious days for Vastu Pooja in 2018, best timings as per Hindu calendar, Tamil calendar are given here..

For Vastu Pooja, specific muhurat is needed. Auspicious tithi, Nakshatra, day, Lagna, etc.. are essential for Vastu Pooja during Grihapravesh or during any other instance.

Vastu Pooja Days 2018, Auspicious dates

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in January 2018

There is no Shubh Muhurat for Vastu Shanti Pujan.

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in February 2018

5 February

7 February

8 February

17 February

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in March 2018

3 March

12 March

14 March

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in April 2018

23 April

26 April

27 April

30 April

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in May 2018

2 May

4 May

7 May

10 May

12 May

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in June 2018

16 June

23 June

28 June

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in July 2018

5 July

6 July

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in August 2018

16 August

17 August

27 August

29 August

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in September 2018

3 September

6 September

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in October 2018

There is no Shubh muhurat in October for Vastu Shanti Pujan.

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in November 2018

9 November

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in December 2018

13 December

14 December

17 December

24 December

29 December

31 December

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  1. Rajachadran says:

    2016 /12/23vasthu days unda

  2. Sunita patil says:

    I’m looking for vastu Shanthi on 22 May.
    pls suggest the timings & date.

  3. NIMMY says:

    Pls suggest date & Time for First door installation at April.

  4. Jyotika Motwani says:

    Please let me know timins for Vastu Shanti Puja on 22Mau 2017

  5. Shyam kolhe says:

    I am looking for 5 June for vastu shanti I am from kumbh rashi please give me suggestions

  6. Prashant Ozarkar says:

    I want to do vastu shanti/Gruh Prvesh on this month can you suggest the date between 25 to 30 jun and timing also.

  7. Suresh Katkamwar says:

    Please suggest dates in december17 for vastu pooja

  8. Sa says:

    Gudhi Padawa is good for vastu Puja?

  9. DHARMESH, RUAPL says:

    I am looking for Navchandi + Vastu puja in coming 4 months. Kindly suggest best Muhurats. My name is Dharmesh. Wife name is Rupal. Our flat has joint name.

  10. Vinitha says:

    Let me knw d auspicious time on August 17 2018 for vasthupooja

  11. karan says:

    i m looking for vasthu shanthi on 24 aug 2018 plz suggest the timing & date

  12. Vinayagamoorthy says:

    I m looking for vaasakal pooja on 15th November 2018. Pls suggest timings and procedure