Spiritual Videos

Spiritual videos are a must to watch and it is a worth to watch. As the world modernizes, technology improvements are also abundantly available. We must utilize the advanced level of technology in a useful manner. Lot of Spiritual YouTube Videos is available in the Internet, and we can watch it from our mobile phones itself.

Nowadays we are hearing about the sexual insults caused by some bad minded people to women through social Medias, since they are unable to control their lust. Lust is the very dangerous disease, which would spoil the name and fame of the people, when they try to abuse the women through various bad methods. Nowadays most of the people are using social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Email to convey messages to others. Social Medias are really a gift given by the god to us, since by using that, we could easily communicate the messages to others. But at the same time, those Medias must be used only for productive purposes and not for destructive purposes.

Instead of turning our mind in bad ways, we should try to focus our mind on watching spiritual videos in our spare time. With the help of the Internet, we could realise that the whole world lies in our hands. Those who are unable to visit their favourite temples can watch it from the YouTube Videos from their home itself. Lot of Puja, Abhishekham and Pilgrimage Videos are available in the Internet. People must have to divert their attention on spiritual matters only, and they must avoid seeing obscene Videos, since it would not only spoil their mind but also would spoil their body also.

We can watch the 12 Jyothirlinga Temples, AshtaVinayaka Temples and KailashMansarovar Pilgrimage Videos and also lot of foreign temples Videos are also available in YouTube. At the present situation spirituality only cleanse our mind and would make us into a purified person. We should always be aware, that god would never present before us and would tell us about the Do’s and the Don’ts, since it is not his job. We ourselves have to cultivate good habits by using our COMMON SENSE like listening to good spiritual Videos, respecting and helping others, visiting temples and worshipping the deities etc.


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