Who is a Spiritual Leader

A spiritual leader is one who used to continuously involve himself towards improving the standard of their religion, and in Hinduism, there are lot of spiritual leaders, like Guru Raghavendra, Kanchi Paramacharya and Ramana Maharishi. Guru Raghavendra though, he is a Madhwa Saint, but he gave his encouragement for both Shaivism and Vaishnavism, and still he was worshipped by all classes of people, irrespective of caste, creed and community, and he kept great bhakti on Lord Vishnu and also worships all other deities of Hinduism.

Likewise Kanchi Paramacharya and Rama Maharishi were best spiritual leaders, whose advises and teachings are still followed by their devotees. Most of the Hindu Spiritual leaders lived a disciplined and a simple life, and they have focused towards the upliftment of our holy Hinduism. We could know more about these saintly people, by reading their books. All these kind Gurus still lives with their devotees in their souls and fulfills their wishes.

A Spiritual leader is the one, who even willfully sacrifices his life for the sake of his own religion. Before few centuries ago, when Mughals were given disturbances to the pontiffs and the saints of Hinduism, they have borne all of the nuisances, and kept great faith on their beloved deities. If we read the life history of the ancient Hindu Saints like Sri Ramanuja, we could know how the great Spiritual Leader, had borne all the troubles and turmoil in an easy manner.

Ancient Spiritual leaders like Sri Vyasaraja had given advises with regard to political matters to the royal people. But at the present situation, most of the Hindu spiritual leaders are not interested to take part in political affairs, since they feel that in no way they are connected with politics, since they strongly feel that they are supposed to follow only spiritualism as their main job. The present Pontiiff of Mantralayam, Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Sri Subhudendra Teertha, moves cordially with all the devotees of Guru Raghavendra, and especially he moves very softly and politely with the politicians of Andhra Pradesh, since he knows very well, about how to handle the tasks in a perfect manner.


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