Spiritual Awareness Programs

Spiritual awareness programme must be conducted regularly by our Holy Hindus in temples and in Hindu institutions, in order to make awareness about the essence of Spirituality. Since most of the people are not aware about the sweetness of our holy Hinduism, it is a must to start conducting regular programmes on Divine subjects of Hinduism. We should have the spiritual fire in our soul from our childhood itself. Though some people like Sri Velukudi Krishnan, Smt.Vishaka Hari and Selvi Boomija Ramaiyer are spreading the awareness of spiritualism through their divine lectures, but that itself is not enough to flourish our Holy Hinduism amongst the masses.

Religious conversions are made mainly due to the non-awareness about our holy Hindu subjects. Though Converting to other religions is considered based on the interest of a particular person or a group of people, but without knowing about the sanctity of Hinduism, if they are getting converted means, then it is our main duty, to awaken them, teach about our religious subjects, and must inculcate the “BHAKTI SPIRIT” on their minds.

The owners of the big companies, who follow our holy Hinduism, must come forward to conduct mass programmes on the “AWARENESS OF HINDUISM”. They must establish separate websites of Hinduism, and in that, they have to add lot of details about our holy Puranas, Ithihasas and Vedas. Some big corporate people are donating lot of money for charitable activities, and that is really a highly appreciable act only. But while doing those good things, they also must remember that only through the grace of the god, they have sufficient money in their hands, and also they are able to help others.

Apart from doing charitable activities, the big corporate people must spend enough time to promote our Hinduism through various ways, like conducting Upanyasams, encouraging young people to write spiritual articles on Hinduism, and establishing a separate spiritual department in their organisation, for spreading the spiritual awareness amongst the Hindus. In general god will not ask anything from us. He knows only to give boons to us, but he would never come before us, and ask to satisfy his wants. But it is our duty to spread the holiness of Hinduism throughout the world. Spreading of Hinduism means we are not going to forcefully convert other religious people into Hindus. Just we are going to tell about the significance of Hinduism, only to those who belongs to Hinduism, in order to prevent them from getting converted into other religions.

Simply spending our time with our lovely mobiles, laptops and with our near and dears is not enough. We must be aware of that, in each and every second, our activities are being noted down by the god and based on that only, our future life would be decided. At present, the divine epics like Bhagavat Gita, Bhagavatham, Ramayana and Puranas are kept only by a few Hindus in their homes and rest of them are not interested to buy those valuable things, in order to read and preserve it. Similar to the Christians and Muslims who are having their holy Bible and Holy Quran with them, likewise all the Hindus must also keep the holy books of Hinduism in their homes, and must preserve it properly.


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