Canadian Nehru Trophy: Abroad Onam special

Vallamkali, the traditional South Indian boat racing has a special place in Canada. The trophy that is given to the winner of this boat race is Canadian Nehru Trophy. This boat is held at the Heart lake Conservation Park in Brampton. Every year many teams in Canada and Kerala register for the event. It is […]

President’s Trophy Boat Race of Onam

Another feather in the plume of God’s own Paradise is perhaps The President’s Trophy Boat Race. Founded in 2011, it has become one of the most popular boat-races held in Kerala during the auspicious occasion of Onam. It is held annually on the Ashtamudi Kayal in the Kollam District of Kerala to mark the Atham […]

Onam Vallam Kali: Traditional boat race during Onam festival in Kerala

Vallam Kali in Malayalam literally means boat race. In Kerala, it is the traditional boat race. The boat used in this race is paddled war canoe. In autumn, during the season of the harvest festival Onam, it is mainly conducted with full vigor and joy. Many types of traditional boats that are paddled longboat of […]

Aranmula Boat Race: A must watch boat race

Aranmula boat race is the oldest river boat elaborate party or fiesta in the state of Kerala. This race is held in the month of August-September during Onam. It takes place in a grand manner at Aranmula. It is held near a Hindu temple that is dedicated to Lord Arjuna and Lord Krishna. In 2012, […]

Donts and dos for the spectators of Nehru Trophy Boat Race during Onam festivity

Here is a list of Donts and Dos for the spectators of Nehru Trophy Boat race during Onam festival in Kerala… Dont’s From unauthorized person and agents, do not purchase tickets. By paying cash, do not purchase any complimentary passes. Ticket without serial or seal then do not purchase it. Any dangerous electronic devices and […]