Donts and dos for the spectators of Nehru Trophy Boat Race during Onam festivity

Here is a list of Donts and Dos for the spectators of Nehru Trophy Boat race during Onam festival in Kerala…


  • From unauthorized person and agents, do not purchase tickets.
  • By paying cash, do not purchase any complimentary passes.
  • Ticket without serial or seal then do not purchase it.
  • Any dangerous electronic devices and explosive items do not bring these.
  • In the pavilion, smoking is not allowed
  • In the pavilion, do not bring it.


  • Purchase tickets from tourism information office and authorized ticket counter through Govt. depts.
  • Please check serial number and authorized seal of the committee in the ticket.
  • With banners having the logo of NTBR, the authorized counters can be easily identified.
  • In order to witness the event do try to reach the city of Alappuzha by 9 AM.
  • The organizer has arranged separate different types of boats for the local and foreign tourists and ticket holders in order to reach the race area
  • By 11:00 for catching the boat, the ticket holders must reach the specially arranged boat jetty
  • You can bring food items and water to the venue
  • Occupy your respectively seat by 12:00 noon
  • In Municipal Stadium north of Zillah Court Bridge, your vehicles can be parked
  • This particular facility will be readily available only up to 11:00 AM
  • More comfort with less luggage
  • Show your tickets at the entrance of the pavilion and at the entrance of the boat jetty
  • For any help support or help please contact the control room 2243441 / 100 (police)

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