Navratri festivities to contribute towards Veterinary Hospital in Surat

Navratri, a colorful nine-night festival (October 8th to October 17th in 2010), is now aimed towards venturing a veterinary hospital in Surat. Profits that earned through Navratri festivities at Indoor Stadium in Surat will be contributed towards establishing a hospital for animals and pets. The organizers had decided to spend away all the money for it through Jeevan Saurabh Trust.

Jeevan Sourabh Trust has already marked the place for the project at Adajan and Variyav. The trust is planning to start off the things before Diwali 2010.

Hindupad appreciates the ideal cause and refers others to take the initiative to integrate Hindu festivities with this type of noble cause.

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  1. khandoba says:

    great initiative taken by jeevan saurabh trust. i appreciate it very much..