Khatushyam | Barbarika | Khatushyamji Baliyadev | Shyam Baba

As per ancient legend, Khatushyam is the other name of Barbarika, the mighty son of Ghatotkacha and Mourvi.He is also fondly called by his devotees as Shyam Baba, and he is considered as a saviour god in this Kaliyuga by his devotees. He is mostly worshipped by the people in Rajasthan and Gujarat, and Barbarika […]

Khatu Shyam Mandir, 11th century Temple in Rajasthan

Khatusyam temple is one of the famous temples of Rajasthan and belonged to the deity which is worshipped by the name of God Krishna (Syam). The deity, actually, is Barbarika who was the son of Ghatotkacha and worshipped by the name of Lord Krishna because of a boon given him by Lord Krishna. The main […]

Khatu Shyamji Aarti | Five Daily Aartis

Five types of Aarti are performed daily at Khatu Shyam Ji Temple. Thousands of devotees visit the temple daily to offer special pujas to Shyam Baba. Mangala Aarti, Shringaar Aarti, Bhog Aarti, Sandhya Aarti and Sayana Aarti are the five types of Aarti performed daily at Shyamji Temple.. Mangala Aarti It is performed in the […]

Khatu Shyam Jayanti 2017

Khatu Shyam Jayanti, first appearance day of Baba Khatu Shyamji, is observed in Kartik Month. In 2017, Khatu Shyam Jayanti date is October 31. The Ekadashi and Dwadashi of the Shukla Paksha of every month in the Hindu calendar is of special significance to the temple. This is because Barbarika was born on the 11th day […]