Ashok Sundari, Daughter of Lord Shiva & Parvati

Goddess Ashok Sundari is daughter of Lord Shiva and Parvati Devi. The name ‘Ashok Sundari’ means – ‘beautiful woman who is free from sorrow’ or the one who frees the sorrows from her devotees.

Story of the birth of Ashok Sundari

Once Goddess Parvati Devi went near a Kalpavriksha and wished the a beautiful girl should be born from the tree. The next moment, a beautiful girl was born from the Kalpavriksha tree and Parvati named her Ashok Sundari. Parvati also gave her a wish that Nahusha (the son of Ayu) would be her husband.

Story of Ashok Sundari and Demon Hunda

Seeing Goddess Ashok Sundari, Hunda forced her to marry him. Became furious with the behavior of Hunda, Ashok Sundari cursed her that he would be killed by her husband, Nahusha.

Tapas of Ashok Sundari (Penance)

Ashok Sundari did penance (Tapas) to get married Nahusha. Ganesha seen her and did not want to disturb her penance. He goes directly to Raja Aayu and Indumathi and talked about the marriage of Ashok Sundari and Nahusha. Nahusha agreed to marry her. Ganesha then told the good news to his sister and took her to Mount Kailash.

Marriage of Ashok Sundari and Nahusha

Sage Vasista’s Ashram was the venue of the Ashok Sundari and Nahusha. After this, demon Hunda tried to kill Nahusha. When Ashok Sundari and Nahusha urged for help, Ganesha and Kartikeya came to protect them from Hunda. After their arrival to the place, Nahsuah killed Hunda.

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