Goddess Bhavani & Her consort Lord Shiva

Hindus have many gods and goddesses whom they worship. Each and every god has different names also. In Hindu mythology Goddess Bhavani is considered to be one of the ferocious goddesses. She represents Shakti or power. She is strongly believed to be the creator of energy. King Shivaji a Maratha ruler was a staunch believer of Goddess Bhavani.

She destroys the evil and protects the people who believe in her. In Mysore the Dasara festival is notified as her victory over the demon Mahishasura. Chamundi hill in Mysore is the place where she killed him. There is a shrine in her name on the hill. The wife of Lord Shiva is Parvathi, who is the soft form of Goddess Bhavani. There are several shriness in India in the name of this particular Goddess.

The chanting of the mantras of Goddess Bhavani will give peace of mind and the people will find a lot of relief from the daily stress of life. Offering pujas to the new vehicle in front of the shrines of Goddess Bhavani will bring Shanti or peace.

Hindus believe that due to this pujas to the vehicles the accidents will be avoided.

There are many forms of the goddess which are worshipped. The one which is very popular is the deity with eight arms holding the slain head of Mahishasura in one of her hands.

People believe that by reading the Lalitha sahasranama in the days of Navarathri or the Dasara festival will give a lot of relief for them. They believe that by doing the pujas of Goddess Bhavani in the time of Dasara will get a relief for them from all the sins what they have committed.

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