Deepavali Bommala Koluvu: Exhibition of dolls during Deepavali in Andhra Pradesh

Bommala Koluvu is a jubilant ceremony celebrated during Deepavali in Andhra Pradesh. Bommala Koluvu is a popular event during Dasara and Makara Sankranthi. It is an exhibition of various dolls and idols. In Telugu, Bommalu means dolls or toys and koluvu is an arrangement. Bommai Kolu is the Tamil name for Bommala Koluvu and Golu […]

Key Holders For Diwali 2014 Gift

Key holders are the best gifts you can present for Diwali. Buy Key holders which are suitable and fit best in your drawing hall or office room. Key holders may grab the attention of visitors, hence purchase a colourful and attractive key holder. Diwali 2014 date is October 23. You can make key holders in […]

Pen Stands For Diwali 2014 Gift

Pen stands are another decorative section of items not only for Diwali but, for every festival. There are wide variety of pen stands models are available in the market. and you can easily prepare a beautiful pen stand at your home. Diwali 2014 date is October 23. Clean a small plastic or iron container and […]

Diwali torans or Diwali Bandanwaars – Diwali Decorations

The festival of diwali is not just about bursting crackers and festivities but also it is popular for the decoration and renovation of one’s home. The basic idea for renovation and decoration of home during diwali festival is to attract and welcome the goddess of wealth- Ma Lakshmi. You would be glad to know that […]

Wall Hangings For Diwali 2014

Wall hangings are the modern art paintings which can be widely used as gift articles for Diwali. These are another category of decorative goods that attract the range of sections in the society. Wall hangings have a wide variety of items starting from a small God image to a modern art painting. Lord Ganesha wall […]