Diwali torans or Diwali Bandanwaars – Diwali Decorations

Diwali torans or bandanwaar

The festival of diwali is not just about bursting crackers and festivities but also it is popular for the decoration and renovation of one’s home. The basic idea for renovation and decoration of home during diwali festival is to attract and welcome the goddess of wealth- Ma Lakshmi. You would be glad to know that door are beautify with delicate and embellished hangings known as bandhanwaar or torans which have special significance too!

The torans are the first thing that welcomes your guest as they step in your house. Not only torans enhances the entrance of your home but also gives friendly welcome to those who drop in to wish you diwali festival. If you are creative enough, you can prepare your own torans otherwise you can purchase varieties of bandhanwaar from markets. Some of the torans are mentioned below- have a look!

Flower bandhanwaar are prepared with colorful flowers either fresh or artificial. Those prepared from artificial flowers can be reused while fresh ones get dry in few days.

Mirror work bandhanwaar are the specialty of Rajasthani culture. These door hangings are made on a piece of cloth and decorated by attaching lovely mirror pieces to that cloth. The mirrors of various shapes and sizes can be used on such torans.

Even embroidered torans are prepared on small cloth piece. The cloth piece is decorated with different color embroidered thread. Attractive shapes of kalash, happy diwali, flowers, elephants, camels, shub-laabh and others are embroidered on the piece of cloth.

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