King Kuru | Ancestor of Pandavas, Kauravas

King Kuru is the ancestor of the Pandavas, and the Kauravas. King Kuru had married with a pious lady and they had six children. He ruled the ancient kingdom of Hastinapur successfully. His name was mentioned in the Mahabharata. He contains good valour and he was an expert in handling powerful weapons during the war.

During his period, he has performed various Yagnas, and pacified various Devas by giving their share of oblations in the fire sacrifices.King Kuru had given a golden rule, and he treated all of his people in a kind manner. Through his bravery and archery skills, he had expanded his kingdom, by defeating other kings.

Kuru had performed meditation, and pleased the divine deities. He considered the cows as the holy cow mother Kamadhenu and created lot of cow shelters and offered proper food to them.He also established food shelters for his own people, as well as for the outside tired travellers, in order to quench their thirst and to remove their hunger. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu, and built lot of temples for him. He encouraged Vedic scholars and established Veda Patasalas throughout his kingdom. He was properly guided by his Kula Guru, and he concentrated his attention on worshipping Lord Vishnu.

Ancient kings were considered as an aspect of god, and they used to rule their kingdom in a well-versed manner. People used to worship them similar to the gods, and most of kings have directly seen the gods and goddesses through their naked eyes, due to their great bhakti on them. They have lived a long life with good health, wealth and enjoyed all kinds of prosperity in the earth. After their death, due to their good karmic deeds, they have settled in the Swarga Loka, also called as Indra Loka, and some of them have become divine stars, and they are still shining in the sky.


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