Manish Arora fashion label website removes objectionable Shiva legwear

Internationally acclaimed “Manish Arora” fashion label removed the leggings, harem-pants and skirts depicting the image of Lord Shiva in Nataraja form from its website, which protesting Hindus had termed repugnant. Dancing Nataraja Layered Miniskirt, knee-length Dancing Nataraja Harem Pants, and Dancing Nataraja Leggings, which were earlier available on Manish Arora Online Store for EUR 570, […]

Manish Arora should give explanation on Shiva legwear, Buddhist Leader asks

A Buddhist leader has come out to stand behind Hindus who were upset at the portrayal of the image of Lord Shiva in Nataraja form on harem-pants, leggings and miniskirts, by internationally acclaimed “Manish Arora” fashion label of India, which Hindus termed repugnant. Jikai’ Phil Bryan, a Buddhist representative in northern Nevada (USA), in a […]