Harmonium Vinayaka

Lord Vinayaka is a beautiful god, and his appearance would steal the hearts of his devotees, since in most of the pictures, he looks very childish in appearance. Lord Vinayaka is worshipped in various names, and out of that, Vinayaka worshipped as Cricket Vinayaka and as Harmonium Vinayaka are considered as very popular ones. Those […]


Gajanana refers to Lord Vinayaka, since he contains an elephant head. He also got this name, since he killed the dreaded demon Gajamukhasura. As per legend, it is believed that Lord Vinayaka was born out of the powers of Ma Shakti Devi. Once he served as Gananatha, the Chief attendant of Kailasa, and he didn’t […]


Lambodara is another name of Lord Vinakaya, and the meaning for the word, “LAMBODARA” is, a big bellied person. Since Lord Vinayaka contains a big stomach, he is fondly called by his devotees as Lord Lambodara. It is also said, that Lord Vinayaka used to have lot of Mothakams regularly, and due to that, his […]


Ekadanta Ganapati, Ekadanta Ganesha

The first god Vinayaka is known by various other names, and he is also known as “EKADANTHA”, which means, the Great Elephant Lord is having only one tusk. In the Holy Vinayaka Purana, and also in some holy texts of Hinduism, he was mentioned as Ekadantha. While Rishi Veda Vyasa began to write the Holy […]

Pillayar Suzhi

Pillayar Suzhi is a type of holy symbol, and it is usually put in the diaries, before writing any new thing. Pillayar Suzhi is considered as a sacred form of symbol, and this Suzhi is considered as the giver of good luck. The system of writing Pillayar Suzhi is followed since ancient times, and as […]