Ekadanta Ganapati, Ekadanta Ganesha

Ekadanta Ganapati, Ekadanta Ganesha

The first god Vinayaka is known by various other names, and he is also known as “EKADANTHA”, which means, the Great Elephant Lord is having only one tusk. In the Holy Vinayaka Purana, and also in some holy texts of Hinduism, he was mentioned as Ekadantha. While Rishi Veda Vyasa began to write the Holy epic Mahabharata, he needed the help of a divine person, who is capable of writing the divine epic without any interruption. After thinking for a while, Rishi Veda Vyasa decided to seek the help of Lord Vinayaka in order to complete his task quickly. He performed Vinayaka Puja at his Ashram, and worshipped him whole heartedly. Pleased by his sincere devotion, Lord Vinayaka had appeared before him with a wonderful smile.

Rishi Veda Vyasa invited him to his Ashram, garlanded him with flowers, performed puja to him,and also offered fruits and Modakams to Lord Vinayaka, in a humble manner, and then Rishi Veda Vyasa bowed his hands before Vinayaka, and told his request. Vinayaka eagerly agreed, and began to write the Holy epic Mahabharata with a wooden pen, a form of writing instrument. Rishi Veda Vyasa began to recite the Mahabharata incidents in a fast manner, without allowing the first god to take rest even for a single second. While writing the epic, suddenly the wooden pen was broken, and immediately, Lord Vinayaka had broken one of his tusks and began to continuously writing the epic in a fast manner using his tusk, and he also finished the epic very quickly, and received good appreciation from Rishi Veda Vyasa.

As per another legend, when Lord Vinayaka was fiercely fighting with the demon Gajamukasur, suddenly, Lord Vinayaka had broken one of his tusks and thrown it on him. The tusk acted as a sharp weapon and killed the dreaded demon Gajamukasur. In most of the pictures, Lord Vinayaka would be depicted with only one tusk on his face. It also adds more beauty to the great elephant Lord, and he shines similar to the Bright Sun.
Let us worship Lord Ekadantha Vinayakar and be blessed.


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