Lambodara is another name of Lord Vinakaya, and the meaning for the word, “LAMBODARA” is, a big bellied person. Since Lord Vinayaka contains a big stomach, he is fondly called by his devotees as Lord Lambodara. It is also said, that Lord Vinayaka used to have lot of Mothakams regularly, and due to that, his stomach has become big. With his gigantic stomach, he looks very handsome, and by seeing the pictures of Vinayaka who contains a big belly, we would happily worship him, by considering him as our first and best god.

As per ancient legend, once Lord Vinayaka had a grand feast at the palace of the Kasi King, and in that feast he had eaten lot of Mothakams happily and while returning to his Ganesa Loka with his Mouse, suddenly a huge snake crossed on their way. On seeing the gigantic snake, the mouse was afraid and it began to run away in a high speed, and hence, Lord Vinayaka had fell down from the mouse, and due to that, his big stomach was opened, and from that, the Mothakams which he had eaten began to fell down. Lord Chandra, the moon god, who was watching this scene, took the incident as very funny, and he began to laugh loudly, and also he commented about the appearance of the first god Vinayaka, especially, about his Elephant head and his big stomach.

Hence, Lord Vinayaka cursed Lord Chandra saying that anyone who looks at him purposefully on Vinayaka Chaturthi day would have to suffer from various problems in their life. But however, if they seek apology to Lord Vinayaka, by performing puja and by reading or listening to the Vinayaka Purana, then they would be relieved from their problems.

Still some people belonging to other religions comment about the strange appearance of Lord Vinayaka, and even some Hindus are also doing it. They must always remember that the first god is not subject to re-births, and he is an immortal one. He contains a very healthy body with super natural powers, and he is worshipped by his father Lord Shiva himself. Considering the appearance of the first god as strange or funny, would result in lot of sufferings in our lives. Already every one of us suffers from either big or small problems regularly in our life. Hence in order to avoid sufferings, and to add sweetness in our lives, let us praise the divine beauty of Lord Vinayaka, and let us perform pujas and holy bath to him, chant his mantras and divine names, and be blessed.


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