Harmonium Vinayaka

Lord Vinayaka is a beautiful god, and his appearance would steal the hearts of his devotees, since in most of the pictures, he looks very childish in appearance. Lord Vinayaka is worshipped in various names, and out of that, Vinayaka worshipped as Cricket Vinayaka and as Harmonium Vinayaka are considered as very popular ones.

Those who are interested in sports field would eagerly worship Cricket Vinayaka, and those who are interested in Music field would worship Harmonium Vinayaka. Small children loves strange forms of Vinayaka, and we can also find some of the rare pictures of Cricket and Harmonium Vinayaka which were drawn by a few popular artists. These forms are newly created by the devotees of Vinayaka in order to introduce him to every nook and corner of the world.

Some people while building new homes would install the idol of Vinayaka and some of them would install their favourite forms of Vinayaka such as Veena Ganapathy, Harmonium Ganapathy, Sayana Ganapathy etc. Vinayaka is also worshipped in the form of his favourite Mothakams in the households of the Hindus. While preparing Modakams, some women devotees would sculpt it in the form of Vinayaka, and they would specially offer it as Holy Prasad to Vinayaka, and then after the performance of puja, they would fondly offer it to their children.

Recently while visiting a Golu show of my friend, I have seen a strange Golu Doll of Vinayaka, and in that, Vinayaka teaches Harmonium Music to a few sages, and the Golu Dolls of those sages are also present in the Golu show. We can also find Lord Vinayaka in dancing posture, and he is called as Nartana Ganapathy. In Vinayaka Purana, Vinayaka is also called as “BALASENATHIPATHI”, and similar to his brother Muruga, he is also mentioned as warrior god, since he also killed demons like Gajamukhasur and Sindurasur.


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