Ambeyyal is a fun game in Onam celebrations

Ambeyyal means shooting the Arrows. It is one of the interesting games played by two teams during the Onam celebration. There are many games played during the Onam celebration which keeps the men and women folks and children busy and joyful. Games are played during this festivity in order to show unity among the family members, relatives, friends and members of the neighborhoods in a society.

At the mark or cheppu, all the players shoot indiscriminately. The player who manages to directly hit it carries for his team all the arrows which are lying on the ground. Each and every players of a team makes full efforts in order to secure maximum number of arrows and try their level best to deprive the opposite team of its stock.

Ambeyyal is a popular game among the forest settlement hamlets and rural areas. It is rarely played in the urban areas because of lack of grounds and sporting equipment such as arrow. Still during the Onam celebration, Ambeyyal has a special place among the men folks of Kerala. In the exhibition put up by the tourism and cultural department, the pictures and photographs of Ambeyyal are brightly featured to make the awareness among the public.

On the ground as players keep gesticulating and shouting during the game, excitement and tension is palpable. The onlookers cheer the players well so this makes them more aggressive in the game. There are many funny moments that happen that really provokes much laughter amongst the onlookers and players.

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