How can we keep our faith in Gods & Goddesses if we follow Advaita philosophy?

How can we keep our faith in Gods & Goddesses if we follow Advaita philosophy? Advaita is knowing that everything is composed of and illumined by the same light (here referring to One Divinity or One supreme Consciousness). To worship and honor different Gods and Goddesses is similar to expressing the understanding that the one […]

Difference between Dvaita and Advaita Philosophy in Hinduism

“What is the difference between Dvaita Philosophy of Sri Madhvacharya and Advaita Philosophy of Sri Shakaracharya?” This is a question raised by a devotee at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s satsang. Let us read Guruji’s reply to him… ‘Advaita’ is like quantum physics and ‘Dvaita’ is like chemistry. In chemistry you say there are these many […]

Dvaita, Advaita, VishishtAdvaita

The three main philosophies of Vedanta are Sankara’s Advaita, Ramanuja’s Visistadvaita, and Madhva’s Dvaita, all these three claim to be pure and pious texts, but each of the three saints explains the ways of attaining salvation in a different manner. Advaita philosophy states that the blessed souls would easily merge with the Lord, and they […]

A Peep into Advaita (Essence of Advaita Philosophy by Sri Adi Shankara)

A peep into Advaita is a collection of discourse made by Sri R. Krishnaswamy Iyer at Mahadanapuram in the year 1945. The lectures are stimulating, informative and contains the essence of the Advaita Philosophy propogated by Sri Adi Shankara. This book serves as an introduction to the study of Advaita and creates possibly an interest […]