Guru Surajananda Saraswati

Guru Surajananda Saraswati was born in Madurai in a pious Hindu family. He is an expert in Yoga and an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and Hanuman, and used to give spiritual discourses on them. He healed the diseases of the devotees through Yoga Therapy. He Founded the Yogalaya Ashram at Neelangarai, Chennai during the year 1989, for the well-being of the people, in order to make them to attain energy in their mind and body, and he made his devotees, to realize the inner self through meditation.

He has done lot of charitable activities, and used to provide free food to the poor persons at his Ashram, in a kind manner. He healed the diseases of the devotees, through meditation, and he perfectly done the daily puja to the deities. Guru composed many devotional songs on Hindu deities, and the songs were sung by famous devotional singers.

He conducted meditation classes at the Ashram in a good manner, and he attained Mahasamathi in the year 1992. Ashram address is: Yogalaya Ashram Neelangarai, Chennai 600 041. His marble statue is installed in Sri Guru Surajananda Gnanapeedam near Kumbakonam.

Let us worship the holyGuru and be blessed.

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