Sunapha Yoga

What is Sunapha Yoga? How Sunapha Yoga is formed? The results, effects and predictions of Sunapha Yoga are given here..

Formation of Sunapha Yoga

When any planet (except the Sun) is present in the second house from the Moon, Sunapha Yoga is formed.

Results of Sunapha Yoga

The native of Sunapha Yoga will become a wealthy, intelligent and good reputed person in the society. He can also become a King, ruler or his equal. The native will enjoy his self-earned property.

Chandra (Moon) plays a crucial part in this astrological combination. The second house may be occupied by Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn either singly or collectively.

The nature and the intensity of this Yoga depends upon the nature of the lord or the lords occupying the second house from the Moon.

Thus take Taurus as the Moon’s Rasi and Mercury, Jupiter and Venus being placed in Gemini. This is a powerful Sunapha Yoga capable of giving rise to much wealth and reputation to the native in society. The intensity of the yoga will be heightened if Lagna (Ascendant) happens to be Simha (Leo) as in this case the yoga will have reference to 10th and 11th houses. It is also to note that the results will find expression in the Dasas and Bhukthis of the planets responsible for causing the yoga.

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