Sun in 1st house: Ravi in Lagna, Ascendant

When Sun is in 1st house the native will be a royal person. When Moon is in House No. 2 an Saturn is in House No. 11 there will be an increase in wealth. The influence of Saturn will always cause disharmony.

Venus coming to the 7th house will shorten the life of the father and Saturn in 8th house will cause the death of wife.

When Mars is in 5th house there will be repeated loss of sons. He will rely on only what he sees, respect old thought, help the poor and be religious.

If the House No. 7 is blank his fortune will shine after marriage.

Ravi (Sun) is a Masculine planet and is a Agnitatwa Graha (Fire planet).

Friendly planets for Sun are – Moon, Mars and Jupiter. Enemy planets for Ravi are – Venus, Saturn (Shani) and Rahu. Neutral or Equal planet is Mercury.

Sign of Exaltation for Sun is Aries (Mesha Rashi) and debilitation sign is Libra (Tula Rashi).

Ruby is the gemstone for Sun. Those who are affected with Ravi Dosha need to wear Ruby Navratna.

Red is the colour of Sun. Agni is the God for Ravi Graha.

Copper is the metal, bone is the body part, Wheat is the grain, and the Summer is the season for Ravi Graha.

Lagna (Ascendant) or the first house represents health, longevity, happiness, physical texture, character, height, nature, physical constitution, innate temperament, knowledge, joy,status, nature, self-esteem, personality, radiance, activeness success with efforts , failure, natural qualities of the person, person with questions, fame, the beginning of life, childhood, children, age, environment, physical body.

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