Sun in 8th House | Ravi in House of Death

Sun in 8th House, Ravi in House of Death (Mrityu Sthana) – Effects of Sun in 8th house (Positive effects & negative effects)…

When Sun is in 8th house it will scare even death and important becomes potent. Sun gives strength to give life to the dead.

The native will enjoy long life, royalty and prosperity. But along with Mercury it will give negative effects. If House No. 1 is polluted he will conceal himself from the world.

Positive effects of Sun in 8th house

When Sun is in 8th house he would rise to become a king even if he is born poor. The condition of evil planets like Rahu Ketu and Saturn will determine the nature of Sun’s behaviour. His enemies will be destroyed and no blood relation of his will die as long as he is present.

After the period of Sun the native will gain wealth for 22 years. The heat of the sun will have a soothing effect like rain.

Sun in House No. 8 is rehabilitating in nature and will create fire out of stones, water out of fire and soil from water. Those affected by Saturn and Mars will now get positive results. His presence will rejuvenate the sick and dying around him. Mars and Saturn will give benefic results.

Negative effects of Sun in 8th house 

When Sun is alone in 8th house it will give malefic results along with Saturn. White cow will give losses and southward entry gate will be 1st indicator of death in family. If the person a short tempered it will destroy him and his progeny.

When Saturn is in House No. 3 and Jupiter is in House No. 1 or 5 and Mars is negative he will have a short life and will be separated from his brother.

When Venus is in House No. 1, 5, 10 it indicates a crow line effect. When Jupiter is polluted he may save others from death but his own destiny will not be all right. Mercury in House No. 2 indicates poor financial condition.

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