Sun in 3rd House | Ravi in 3rd House

Sun in 3rd House, Ravi in 3rd House (Parakrama Bhava) – Positive effects and negative effects of Sun in 3rd House…

When Sun is in 3rd house he will be a wealthy person. His destiny will be nice as long as his character is not bad. He will not have any ancestral property but will earn wealth on his own.

If Mercury is malefic, Ketu and maternal uncles will suffer. He will have a long life along with his children. When the Moon is malefic it will cause loss and theft in daytime.

If the moon is benefic his condition will remain good. The condition of parents will be poor because of malefic planets in House No. 9 and 11.

Positive effects of Sun in 3rd house

When Sun is in 3rd house he will be handsome and a self earned man. The results indicated by Mars, Moon, Venus and Mercury will also be favourable. He will be blessed with long life along with his children.

Mars will not be negative and he will have a prosperous and comfortable life. Mercury will be favourable if it is with Sun. He will be proficient in mathematics, astrology and other subjects.

When Moon is strong he will be blessed with wealth till old age and his descendants will also rise and give him pleasure. All the results of the house will be favourable when Mercury is conjoined but the activities of Mercury may not always remain favourable.

Negative effects of Sun in 3rd house

When Moon is weak he will be subject to theft and burglary even in daytime.

When House No. 9 is weak his grandfather and father will be poor when House No. 11 is weak his neighbours will not be so lucky. His maternal uncle can be a source of trouble.

When Mars is poor Sun will give malefic results but he will still be lucky for himself but unlucky for others.

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