Sulabha, Wife of Vidura

Sulabha was the wife of Vidura, who was the half-brother of King Dhritarashtra and he was the Prime Minister of Hastinapur. She was very pious and chaste woman, and she was a great devotee of Lord Krishna. Whenever Lord Krishna used to visit Hastinapur, he used to stay at the palace of Vidura, and he would enjoy the tasty meals served by Ma Sulabha.

Similar to her consort Vidura, she contains good knowledge in all the subjects and used to invite the guests and would honour them in a pleasing manner. She is considered similar to Ma Anusuya and Arunthati, the great Rishi Pathnis, with regard to her chastity and generosity. She had shown great affection on her sister-in-law Gandhari, and considered her as her own sister.

When Pandavas went to the forest during their exile period, she was very much worried about them, and prayed to Lord Krishna to protect them. She is considered as an incarnation of Ma Dharma Devi, who lived a righteous and pious life throughout her life.She served as a dutiful wife to her consort Vidura, and never disobeyed him. Along with her consort, she had given good advices to Duryodana, when he refused to give a portion of the Hastinapur Kingdom to the Pandavas, even after the completion of their exile term. She properly treated her servants, and offered them sufficient wealth and provided nice food to them. She lived a simple life, and adopted the path of dharma. She used to listen to divine stories from Vidura with bhakti. She also honoured the sages to her palace, and participated in the Yagnas and Pujas.

When Vidura left his mortal body, and went to the Yama Loka, she also merged with him. She is considered as an aspect of Ma Dhumorna, the consort of Lord Yama Dharma. At this present day life, reading about the life history of the ancient chaste women would remove our sins, and would give goodness in our lives.


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