Sugreeva Temple, Rameshwaram | Sugreevar Theertham

The Sugriva temple is a small temple situated in Rameswaram, and it is dedicated to Sugriva, who was the king of Vanaras, and he prosperously ruled Kishkindha for many years.Since he has helped Lord Rama to build the Ram Sethu Bridge, this holy temple was built in order to honour him.

Sugriva was married to Ruma, and she looks very beautiful, and she was mentioned as a chaste, pious and a holy woman.She contains good wisdom, knowledge, courage and boldness. With the help of Hanuman, Ruma and Sugriva married each other. She was kidnapped by Vali, when there was an enmity between Vali and Sugriva. But even then, Vali could not touch her, due to her chastity.

Sugriva with the help of Lord Rama, killed Vali, and joined with her wife Ruma, and he became the king of Kishkindha, and Ruma became the queen.Through the grace of Lord Rama, both of them happily lived for many years, and they treated Angada, Vali’s son as their own son, and also they properly took care of Tara, wife of Vali. Ruma treated Vali’s wife Tara as her own sister, and showered great affection on her.

Ruma in her previous birth was serving as a celestial dancer in the court of Lord Indra. Due to a curse, she was born as a Vanara lady, and married to Sugriva. After the end of her life, she went back to heaven, and continued her dance work in the court of Lord Indra.

As per legend, as per the orders of Lord Brahma, during the Treta Yuga, the divine devas and Gandharvas took birth as Vanaras in order to serve Lord Rama. After the end of their life, they went back to heaven, and they assumed their positions in the heaven.


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