Success & Failure

Success and failures are like the two sides of the same coin. We must have to take both success and failures in a similar manner, and must not get great excitement when we get success, and must not get frustrated during the failures in our life.

Actually failures would teach us a nice lesson to improve ourselves in future. We should think that success and failures would keep on changing for some people, whereas some people would always enjoy success in most part of their life. It all depends on their luck and their fate.

Some people would be checking their planetary positions with all the leading astrologers and act as per their advises. Though it is good, but relying entirely on astrology is not a nice job. We also have to put our hard efforts to attain success in our tasks, and along with that constant prayers to the almighty would work out wonders in our life.

Many big people were not even completed their schooling, but they have attained higher positions in their life. Education alone will not help us to succeed in our career path. Along with education, we have to prove our skills and meet the challenges and to cope up with the changing scenarios in this present day competitive world.

Some people would end up their precious lives through constant failures. But if they put some more efforts, they may reach the upper ladder in their life. Some young people, who face love failures, would end up their lives, without thinking about their near and dear relatives.

A failure can be turned into a success through proper analysis about the reason of failure, and the ways of solving the problems must be taken care of. We can get suggestion from our friends, relatives and even from the god, by deeply meditating on him, and he may give us a proper solution for getting success in our life in our dreams.

Worshipping the almighty is the only option in order to come out from our failures, and along with that, we have to put our great efforts for getting better fortunes in our life.

We must realize that failures would make us to work hard and would bring success in future.
Let us worship the almighty for giving us a good mental and physical strength in order to face any kind of challenges in our life.


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  1. A Rama Krishna says:

    very nice we have to implement, definitely the success overtakes failure