Name, Fame & Wealth

Everybody is interested to attain name, fame and wealth at their young age itself. Some would try their interest levels in dance, drawing, music and singing etc. But for all of them, attaining good name, fame and wealth is not possible. Only those who take keen interest in their respective fields, and exhibit their talents can come forward in their career path, and would shine brightly. Those who are having good knowledge along with the grace of the almighty only can shine properly in their career path.

Ancient Carnatic musicians Tyagaraja, Muthuswamy Dikshithar and Shyama Shastri had dedicated their lives for the sake of music. Especially Tyagaraja had never enjoyed any comforts in his life, and he lived a very simple life. His nature and the goodness cannot be imagined in this today’s selfish world. Tyagaraja was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama, and due to his music talents, the kings were praised and considered him as a divine musician similar to Narad and Tumburu. He was rewarded with many gifts by the kings, but he politely refused it, and asked the kings to do good activities like constructing the temples, providing food to the hungry people and digging wells for quenching the thirst of the people etc.

Similar to him, the great Krishna devotees like Choka Mela, Gora Kumbhar and Savata Mali though they got great talents in singing divine songs, they didn’t invite any sort of comforts and luxuries into their homes. Their main job is to sing in praise of Lord Panduranga, a form of Lord Krishna. They are aware that any material comforts would last only for a short period of time, but showing devotion on god would last permanently.

The great Pachiappa Vallal, Alagappa Vallal and many philanthropists have donated their entire wealth for the sake of the society, and they are still being remembered for their selfless service to the society.

Acquiring of name, fame and wealth is not enough. Doing good things to the people, and dedicating their lives on god and spreading the greatness of the almighty are important. The talented professionals must understand that the name, fame and wealth are achieved by them only through the grace of the almighty and they must offer their sincere prayers to him. They also have to do many good karmic deeds in their life, in order to get full success in their life. They have to spend a portion of their money towards doing charitable and social services, and must help in renovating and repairing the temples/churches/mosques.

In general, let the popular people keep remembering the almighty for ever in their life, and let them act kindly and gently with others, in order to attain enlightenment.


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