Success Mantra



The famous success mantra what management Gurus would tell to their clients is keeping confidence within us. We should always tell to our soul, “I would do”, “I can”, “I would win in my life”, “I would be a successful businessman”, likewise we have to keep telling to our soul. Success is based on a person’s hard work as well it is based on his confidence also. Self-confidence, self-control and Self-motivation must be necessarily followed by us, in order to win favourable results in our lives. A man tastes more success in his life by worshipping the great almighty.

“OM” is considered as the best success mantra, and by frequently chanting this mantra, we would get sure success in our life. We would have known about some big persons, who used to previously run tea stalls and small hotels in their lives. Only through their hard work and sincerity they have tasted that much success in their lives. Success is based on the person’s determination.

If we read the success stories of big businessmen, we can see how much efforts and hard work they have put in order to establish such big businesses. If we want to start a hotel industry, we must have to employ well trained cooks, helpers and an experienced chef, in order to achieve success in our hotel business. Initially we have to give the food products at a cheap price, and gradually we can slightly increase the amount of the products, based on the customer’s satisfaction of our food products.

In order to get sure success in our lives, we must have to remove our bad habits like lust, anger and greed, since these three would hinder our business growth, and would also lead to huge business losses. Ancient traders used ships as the main mode of transport, for transporting their goods from one country to another. Some people would go for a foreign trip and would return only after a few months, after completing their successful trade transactions.

Success is based on spirituality also, since everything is based on keeping devotion and dedication on the god. By keeping the thoughts of the god, we would be able to run our lives smoothly. God is the guiding spirit of all the humans, and without his mercy, we could not survive in our lives. Hence let us understand that the best success mantra is worshipping the god regularly, and through that, he would give more powers to us, in order to flourish in our businesses.


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