Subbu Arumugam | Villu Pattu Exponent

Subbu Arumugam is a Willis artist, and he was born in the year 1928 in Tirunelveli, and he used to narrate the incidents from the Story of the Saints and from other devotional interesting topics through singing songs, and makes the common people to understand through his musical instrument.He was born in a pious Hindu family, and he learnt Tamil from his school teacher, and learnt music from his father.

At his younger age, he wrote poems in praise of the Tamil god Muruga, and it was published in a Tamil magazine. Sri Subbu Arumugam’s parents were ardent devotees of Lord Muruga, and he was also a great devotee of Lord Muruga. He received awards for his contribution in the field of music and drama, and he also written comedy scripts for Tamil films.He had performed VilluPattu in Tamil Nadu, and also in some foreign countries. His children are also helping to flourish the Willisipathic art along with him.

His famous works are VilluPattu on Ramayana and VilluPattu on Mahabharata.

His various VilluPattu shows were regularly telecasted in Doordarshan, and people would quickly finish their household chores, and used to sit in front of the TV Set, in order to eagerly listen to his shows, which was one of the famous TV Programmes before 25 to 30 years. His smiling face attracts lot of viewers and they would forget their tensions and worries, and would keenly watch his programs.

The listeners of TV would feel that by watching his TV Shows, they would get mental relaxation. Especially office goers found a great sense of satisfaction, since after completing their day long work in the office they would feel that they are getting very much entertained. Some of his programs are available in You Tube also.


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