Story of the birth of Ganesha

shiva parvathi ganesha

shiva parvathi ganesha

Story of the birth of Ganesha. Legend behind the origin of Lord Ganesha, Ganapathi, Vinayaka. There are many stories related to the birth of the god Ganesha.

There are many stories related to the birth of the god Ganesha. When Shiva is away, Parvati went for a bath and took a turmeric paste from her body. Parvati has created a young boy Ganesha and instructing him to guard her. The mother Parvati has given him clear instructions not to allow anyone.

The husband of Parvati, Shiva arrives after sometime. He was refused to enter. Shiva has admitted that he was the husband of Parvati.Shiva was annoyed with Ganesha’s behavior and cut off his head. At this incidence, Parvati was annoyed and was extremely sad. Later, Shiva then instructed the army to get the first head on the path. The first they found the path was the head of the dying elephant. The head was fixed on the boy’s trunk and gave him life.

The story in the Uthara Ramayana says that Shiva and Parvati had taken a form of an elephant. They both were wandering in the forest. The couple was blessed with a handsome son. They named him as Ganapati.

Another story reveals that goddess Parvati wants a son badly and performed Tapas to Lord Vishnu. He gave her the blessings and soon a son was born to her. On this occasion, all the gods were invited by Parvati to have a glimpse of her baby. But when the god Sani came and looked at the baby, the baby’s head was burnt. Vishnu had travel led all over the world and brought back the head of the elephant. It was fixed to the baby. All the gods who are present at the occasion gave their blessings to the baby.

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