Story of King Nabhaga

King Nabhaga was refused of material wealth: Vaivaswata’s another son King Nabhaga advised his youngest son Junior Nabhaga to perform a sincere yagna in favour of the Planetary Heads since the junior Nabhaga received a raw deal by his elder brothers in the apportionment of the King’s wealth when the senior Nabhaga proceeded to Vanaprastha.

The Planetary Heads-the Ashta Dikpalakas- were very pleased with the Yagna and granted enormous wealth. But when the wealth in the form of Bhumi, Rajya, gold, Dhanya, Dhana, and Vahanas was about to be accepted by the junior Nabhaga , a dark and short Swarupa with a frightful face and offensive tone objected to receive the wealth so granted to him.

Indeed that dark and dreadful person was Lord Shiva himself chiding the junior Nabhaga who preferred material wealth to Spiritual Prosperity!

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