Srikalahasti Temple Raja Gopuram collapsed – Srikalahasti Gali Gopuram Collapses

The 500-year old Rajagopuram of Srikalahasti Temple was collapsed completely on May 26, 2010, night. This Gali gopuram is a monumental structure constructed by Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu to mark the victory over Gajapati raja in 1516. The temple is located in Chittoor district near Tirupati and popularly known as Dakshina Kasi.

136 feet Srikalahasti temple Gali gopuram was started to perish on May 25th night but collapsed completely on May 26th night. No casualties are reported but locals say that a couple of hundreds of monkeys were living on gopuram. On May 25th night, officials of Archeology department were visited the temple and stated the 150 metre premises of the temple and gopuram as Red Zone.

Times of India reported:

According to sources, vibrations from borewell digging in the temple vicinity directly contributed to the collapse. “The digging goes on up to a depth of 500-600 ft,” a geologist reasoned.

Deccan Chronicle reported:

A researcher from the SV University said that Srikrishna Devaraya built the monumental structure to mark his victory over the rival kings of the Gajapathi dynasty. “Unlike the other gopurams found in South India, it was built with clay,” he said.

The bronze statue of the emperor was erected at the base of the gopuram last year.

Interestingly, the statue, just 10 feet away from the structure, did not suffer any damage and the debris now lies at the emperor’s feet.

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  1. Kreshna says:

    Congress government do not take care of Hindu temples.
    This is not a sudden collapse mind you. There is no maintenance for this temple.