Sri VeeraKumara | Son of Veerabahu

Sri VeeraKumarar was the son of Lord Veerabahu who is worshipped as a Hindu deity, and he served as the Army Head of Lord Muruga. In order to assist him, towards fighting with the demon Surapadman, Lord Veerabahu prayed to Lord Muruga to grant him a pious and a brave son.

Due to his sincere prayers, Sri VeeraKumarar took birth as the son of Veerabahu, and it is believed that Sri VeeraKumarar is an aspect of the Divine spear (Vel) of Lord Muruga.Sri VeeraKumarar joined with the army of his father Veerabahu, fought bravely with the soldiers of the demon Surapadman, and also easily defeated his army, with the blessings of Lord Muruga. Ma Shakti Devi also granted lot of boons to Sri VeeraKumarar, and as a result, Sri VeeraKumarar has got tremendous powers, enough to fight with anyone in the universe.

The details about Sri VeeraKumarar were mentioned only in a brief manner in the ancient MurugaPurana Text, which was written by Sri Veda Vyasa Bhagavan. It is our duty to praise Lord VeeraKumarar also, along with his father Lord Veerabahu, since most of us are not aware about the most important brave Puranic character, Lord VeeraKumarar. Due to his staunch devotion on Lord Muruga, Sri VeeraKumarar never married, but dedicated his entire attention on worshipping Lord Muruga only.

Ancient Hindus worshipped Lord VeeraKumarar similar to his father Veerabahu, but in course of time, VeeraKumarar worship was not practiced by the people, by considering him only to be a minor deity, but, still Lord VeeraKumarar is worshipped in the form of the Divine spear of Lord Muruga, since he is believed to be an aspect of the Divine spear. Whoever worship the divine spear of Lord Muruga, are to be considered as if they worship Lord VeeraKumarar only.

After the end of his life, Sri VeeraKumarar had merged with the Divine Spear of Lord Muruga, which Lord Muruga used to keep permanently on his hand, by considering it as one of his powerful weapons. Lord VeeraKumarar can be worshipped for getting good prosperity in our life, and he also relieves us from our sins, diseases, enmity problems and problems from black magic etc.

Hence let us worship the great Lord VeeraKumarar, who is considered to be a most forgotten deity in Hinduism, in order to get the grace of Lord Muruga.


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