Vajrabahu | Veerabahu’s Younger Brother

Lord Vajrabahu was the younger brother of Lord Veerabahu, and he was born out of the powers of Ma Shakti Devi. When Veerabahu has requested Ma Shakti Devi to arrange for a suitable Assistant to accompany with himin the war, Ma Shakti Devi has created the great Vajrabahu and sent him along with Veerabahu. Along with the Navaveeras, and with his brother Veerabahu, Vajrabahu fought bravely with the army of Demon Surapadman and made the demon soldiers to flee away from the battle field.

The great Vajrabahu was praised in the Skanda Purana, and he was mentioned as the victorious brother of Lord Veerabahu. He along with the Navaveerasis classified as Dasaveeras. He was believed to have been born from the eyes of Ma Shakti Devi. Hence he was also called as Devidasa, Devinetrakumara, Deviputra. Still now staunch devotees of Muruga would name their child as “VEERABAHU” and “VAJRABAHU”, out of their love and affection shown towards the divine attendants of Lord Muruga.

After the completion of the war with Surapadman, both of the brothers, Veerabahu and Vajrabahu were become the chief security guards (Dwarapalakas) of Lord Muruga in the Sri Skanda Loka. Due to the boons granted by Lord Muruga to these warriors, they would permanently remain as immortals forever, and even during the time of deluge they would be alive.

Our, ancient Puranas contains lot of spiritual details, and by reading it completely, we would be able to know about lot of divine characters, who have closely mingled with the gods like Muruga, Vinayaka, Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. But most of us are not fully reading the Puranas, and sometimes we used to ignore reading about the important divine characters present in the Puranas.

In general, all of the divine attendants of the almighty contain great powers enough to grant sufficient boons to us. They also act as an intermediary between us and the almighty. Hence let us sincerely worship Lord Muruga, along with his divine attendants, Lord Veerabahu and Lord Vajrabahu.


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