Sri Satru Samhara Moorthy | Lord Muruga as Destroyer of Enemies

Sri Satru Samhara Moorthy Murugan

Sri Satru Samhara Moorthy Murugan

Sri Satru Samhara Moorthy is an aspect of Lord Muruga, and he appears with six faces, and with twelve hands. He is the destroyer of our enemies and would give all sorts of goodness to us. This Moorthy was appeared in front of the demon Surapadman, and destroyed him during the battle, and after his death, he has formed as the divine peacock, and also dwells in the flag of Lord Muruga, in the form of Rooster, and sincerely serving Lord Muruga.

Those who suffer from prolong illness, black magic and from enemy related problems are advised to worship Lord Muruga in the Thiruchendur Murugan Temple. In this temple he appears with full of beauty with a smiling face, and he blesses us with one of his hands. Lord Muruga is the child god, who was formed from the third eye spark of Lord Shiva. He contains the powers of both Shiva and Shakti, and hence, he is also known as Shivashakti Vadivel Murugan.

Satru Samhara Pooja is a type of special puja, which would be performed by staunch devotees of Lord Muruga, in order get rid from their enemies. In Tiruchendur Murugan Temple, this puja would be performed in a grand manner.And as per belief, those who perform this puja at this temple would get happiness and peace of mind, and they would also get relieved from the ill effects of the planetary position. It also removes dullness, fear, and gives good health,wealth, name and fame.

This puja is preferable to those persons who regularly face enemies in their life, like persons from police department, businessmen, politicians etc. By performing this puja, our ancestral debts would also be cleared. So far, lot of politicians and big businessmen have performed this puja and got good results in their life.

At this present day life, we are regularly facing lot of hardships in our life. People are suffering from diseases, mental agony and from unemployment problems etc. Worshipping the almighty is the only solution to get rid from our problems. Hence let us keep starting praying with Lord Muruga and be blessed.


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