Sri Raghavam Dasarathatmajamaprameyam Slokam Lyrics, Importance

Here is Sri Raghavam Dasarathatmajamaprameyam Slokam Lyrics, and the importance of Sri Raghavam Raghukula slokam….

Sri raghavam dasarathatmajamaprameyam
sitapatim raghukulanvaya ratna dipam
ajanubahu – araivinda dalayataksham
ramam nisachara vinasakaram namami

I salute Rama, the glorious scion of Raghu, the inscrutable being who became the son of Dasaratha, the spouse of Sita, bejewelled lamp of Raghu’s race, Rama of long arms and eyes broad like lotus petals, the destroyer of the demons.

Of the two great epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata, the former is known as Itihasa Ratna. These epics are vast storehouses of knowledge which we could freely draw upon both for our daily conduct and spiritual uplift. The Ramayana called as the Adikavya is the first long poem in Sanskrit. It contains the story of perennial interest which has exercised considerable influence over millions of devotees for countless ages. It has inspired them to exalted thinking, noble efforts and righteous conduct.

Sri Rama, the hero of the grand epic stands for the ideal man that Valmiki was looking for. Lord Sri Rama is called the Maryada Purushottama or the foremost among the ideal righteous man as he was Divinity embodied as the paragon of virtue and righteousness. Rarely do we come across such a stirring and inspiring personality to lift us up to a lofty plane of life and conduct. The advent of Lord Vishnu as Rama heralds the resurgence of Dharma and the establishment of the rule of righteousness and the moral order. His avatara lila is the thrilling indication of the sublime heights to which the human individual can attain and should strive to attain. As a divine incarnation, Rama constituted an approach to God realisation which is the goal of human life.

Devotion to Rama is an unfailing way to eternal emancipation from the thraldom of birth and death. HIs Divine name is the ark which takes us safely across the turbulent ocean of samsara to the shore of immortality and beatitude. One who is deeply devoted to Sri Rama realises that the entire world is verity the manifestation of Rama and His divine power and glory. The attitude of a devotee whose mind is saturated with Rama nama is elegantly expressed by sant Tulsidas thus :

Siya Rama maya saba jaga jani
Karahun Pranama jori juga pani

That is, ‘knowing that the entire world is permeated by Lord Rama and His power, I salute (everything) with both hands folded together’. As Thyagaraja affirms, if one treads the royal road of devotion without anticipating immediate returns, there is bound to be everlasting Bliss. Sri Rama will protect His devotees like the eyelids safeguarding the cornea, enabling them to conquer man’s foes within – the uncontrollable mind, the impure body and ignorance.

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