Spiritual Songs add Sweetness in our Lives

Yes. By singing or listening to spiritual songs would really add sweetness in our lives. Some of the spiritual songs sung by famous spiritual personalities are as follows:-

Jai Jai Ma Manasa Devi, you are our beloved mother goddess, we are very much interested in praising your glories in each and every second of our life, and your stunning beauty attracts us, and we want to see your divine beauty again and again, again and again.

Jai Jai Ma Manasa Devi, you are our holy mother, and you act as a protective shield for us. Your significance cannot be explained fully even by the snake god Adisesha himself. Those who visit your temples are considered as the lucky ones, since they got an opportunity to have a glimpse of your deity. Let us cherish her throughout our life.

Jai Jai Ma Manasa Devi, you have been called by various names, such as Parameswari, Jaganmatha, Jaganmohini, Eswari, Ambigai, Ambal and Parvati. Those who recite your names are really the blessed ones, and those you chant your Mantras are really the noble ones.

Jai Jai Ma Manasa Devi, you are the powerful snake goddess, and through your grace, your devotees are getting relieved from poisonous diseases and from all sorts of ailments. You are very affectionate towards your devotees, since you consider them as your own sons and daughters.

Jai Jai Ma Manasa Devi, those who neglect you are to be considered as the worst losers in their life, and those who worship you faithfully and sincerely are to be considered as the real gainers in their life.

Jai Jai Ma Manasa Devi, people in south India worships you in the name of Nagathamman, since you are an aspect of Ma Shakti Devi. Those who sing songs on you would attain great spiritual enlightenment, and those who glorifies you by performing pujas on you, would get complete peace of mind.

Jai Jai Ma Manasa Devi, I want to get your divine vision again and again, and even if I have been offered the divine nectar from the heaven, I don’t want to drink it, since I believe that by worshipping you we feel as if we taste the divine nectar from the heaven. By worshipping you we are getting a good sense of satisfaction, and by worshipping you frequently, the poor people would be turned into rich ones, unhealthy people would become healthy, bad people would become pious, mentally challenged people would become very wise.

Jai Jai Ma Manasa Devi, your temple bell rings, puja for you is started. I am ready to visit you in your temple, in order to enjoy your holy darshan. I am very much satisfied by consuming the divine Prasad offered in the temple, since it was served with full of motherly love and affection.

Jai Jai Ma Manasa Devi, in my next birth, I want to dwell at least as a small insect in your temple, since I can always reside near you, by consuming the holy Prasad offered to you regularly.

Jai Jai Ma Manasa Devi, in this difficult Kali Yuga, I don’t know how to live. Please make me to remember you in my each and every birth, since without your thoughts I cannot peacefully live in this world.

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