Solar Eclipse – Surya Grahan on July 22 in 2009 is good or bad?

Solar Eclipse or the Suya Grahan on July 22 in 2009 is good or bad? This is one of the most brainstorming questions of this year for Astrologers, because it is the time to take place the Triple Eclipse that is occurring for the first time in the history after the Kurukshetra in Dwapara Yug. Most of the Astrologers indicated that the Surya Grahan take place on July 22 in 2009 is a very bad omen.

What is the impact of Solar Eclipse on the world?
Communal violence and regional violence is the first and foremost bad omen for the world. The Government delegates, ministers and officials should take care about their security. Terrorists activities may increase.

This Solar Eclipse will be visible in India, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Mangolia, Singapore and other East Asian countries and Pacific Ocean areas. Astrologers are predicting it as a bad time for the above countries. Natural calamities like cyclones and hurricanes are on the cards.
These all given details are predicted by some renowned Astrologers in Panchangs; not my opinions or not my predictions.

Pregnant Care during Lunar or Solar Eclipse

Scientific Reasons on Pregnant care during Surya or Chandra Grahan


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  1. Shekar says:

    1. Violent death of India’s top most political leader (terror attack / accident / murder)

    2. Natural Disaster in South India

  2. narendra Nayak says:

    This is all bull shit intendend to scare gullible people into performing pujas and enriching the priestly class. If the pedictions are real then nothing can change them. If nothing is going to happen as usual then they can claim that it is due to power of their pujas. It is just a natural event and nothing to be scared of.

  3. m.noel sukumar says:

    If anything untoward happens tomorrow then the non believers also will believe, but what has to happen will happen whether there is an eclipse or not so nothing to worry about just wat & watch.

  4. ramesh says:

    Is it good or bad for my rashi Karkatak

  5. sonali says:

    how long with the effect last and what shanti mantra to be done. i belong to pushya nakshatra

  6. bhavani says:

    most loved chief minister of andhra died on sep 2nd. floods caused enormous losses to karnataka and andhra in october. sekhar is correct

  7. bhavani says:

    most loved chief minister of andhra, dr rajasekhar reddy died on sep 2nd. Floods caused enormous losses to Karnataka and Andhra in october. sekar is correct