Lets forget our worries by seeing the Smiling Face of Child Krishna

Lord Krishna in child form

Lord Krishna in child form

Yes. We can certainly forget our worries by seeing the divine face of Lord Krishna. For seeing his face, we need not visit his temples.Whereas, we can see his face, from the pictures contained even in the rice bags, calendars, diaries and from our soul itself. Once we watch the picture of child Krishna, we should immediately fix it permanently in our mind, and we should never erase it. Child Krishna is the one, who would give great relief from stress and mental tensions and would provide happiness and peace of mind.

Child form of Krishna had blessed lot of his devotees and also gave salvation to them. Still parents used to decorate their child similar to child Krishna during the times of functions held at the schools. Sometimes due to tensions and health related problems, even the sincere devotees of Krishna would scold at him, and also would try to forget him. But it is not possible for them, since the divine child would never leave them to forget him, and would show his smiling face in their thoughts.

In this tough world, each and every minute we are facing from unknown problems, and sometimes we are unable to find the way to get rid from those problems. Sometimes even if we pray to the almighty, he may not give his immediate help. During that time, we must realise that only because of our bad karmas we are facing those challenges, and at that time, we should calmly handle the situation, and must seek the help of the god to give great withstanding powers to us to face any type of challenges and difficulties. Then God will appear before us in the form of child Krishna, and with his wonderful smile, he would make us to forget our worries.

According to the words of the great saints, God is not creating us to give troubles and sorrows. It is because of the karmic deeds, we are facing lot of hardships in our lives. In Bhagavat Gita, Lord Krishna says, “Never think about anything in your life, about your happiness or sorrows, think only about me, even during the times of happiness and difficulties, then I would stay permanently in your soul, and would make you to consider the good and the bad as alike”.


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