Small, Small Happiness add sweetness to Life

Small, small happiness would add sweetness to our life. Watching the early morning sun, having a hot good Kumbakonam degree coffee, visiting our nearby temples and sharing a divine message or a joke with our friends, would add happiness in our lives. Worrying about the past bitter things would not help us in any way in our life. We have to think only about our present and future life and must get ourselves convinced by diverting our attention on noble activities.

During Sundays, we can get up early in the morning, and from our terrace, we can view the lovely birds, which would make beautiful noises which are very pleasant to hear. Instead of watching serious TV Serials, we can watch some comedy scenes from the TV or from the YouTube, and also we can watch the videos of sacred temples from the YouTube Channel.

According to a recent study conducted by some researchers, people are becoming more enthusiastic by sharing their happiness with others, like sharing good matters in the social media, reading about the teachings of the saints and rendering small help to others, helping in the crossing of the blind man in the busy road, providing snacks and tea to the beggars, and making a friendly smile with the strangers in the bus etc.

We are only deciding our own life, and god would never interfere in our lives. He would act as a guide, and based on our bhakti, he would warn us, when we prefer to do wrong things in our life. But we should plan our life in such a way, that we should not cause harm to others. We should consider even our enemies as our friends, and must move with them in a cordial manner.

Whenever we reach our office, we should say good morning even to the office attendants, and from their smile, we would also get some satisfaction. We should treat our subordinates in a polite manner, and must not exchange hot words with them. By the way of giving happiness to others, we would also get some happiness. In our homes, we should also appreciate the work done by our servant maid, and must make an affectionate smile with her. We should treat them as our family members, and must consider them similar to our brothers and sisters.

Our life is too short. Getting tensions and shouting on others would not fetch anything in our life. Instead of that, let us share our small, small happiness with others, and let us create a wonderful environment every day.


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