Sixth House in Horoscope (Shathru Bhava in Vedic Astrology)

The Sixth House in Horoscope is also called the house of enemies. It indicates the difficulties, enemies, debts, obstacles, diseases, hard work in the life of the native. It will be favourable for the native if this house is weak, as it will reduce the difficulties in life.

This is not considered an auspicious house and it indicates the loss of health, wealth and relationship. It represents the relationship with maternal uncle, servants, pet animals and paternal side of the family. The intestines, umbilical region, diseases of the eye, poisoning, operations and accidents are indicated by this house.

Here, the information on what are the positive effects (effects if planets are benefic) and negative effects (effects if planets are malefic) is given.

Effects of Sun in Sixth House : When Sun is benefic, the native will be very lucky and have a good family life. Malefic Sun will indicate that the native’s son and maternal family will face bad times.

Effects of Moon in Sixth House : When Moon is benefic, the native will have a comfortable life and he will be very powerful. Malefic Moon will indicate suicidal tendencies and a difficult life.

Effects of Mercury in Sixth House : When Mercury is benefic, the native will be a self-made man and receive good benefits from business. Malefic Mercury will make his daughter’s life difficult.

Effects of Venus in Sixth House : When Venus is benefic, the native will get all comforts and wealth when he keeps his wife happy. Malefic Venus will spoil the peace of mind of the native.

Effects of Mars in Sixth House : When Mars is benefic, the native will be courageous, adventurous and a powerful person. Malefic Mars will affect the family members of the native adversely.

Effects of Jupiter in Sixth House : When Jupiter is benefic, the native will be pious and do a lot of charitable work. Malefic Jupiter will make him selfish and unlucky.

Effects of Saturn in Sixth House : When Saturn is benefic, it will bring wealth and prosperity through journey and happiness through children. Malefic Saturn will make the items of Saturn unfavourable for the native.

Effects of Rahu in Sixth House : When Rahu is benefic, the native will lead a comfortable life and spend money freely. Malefic Rahu will harm the brothers or friends of the native.

Effects of Ketu in Sixth House : When Ketu is benefic, the native will be a good advisor and be blessed with long life and good family. Malefic Ketu will cause trouble through diseases of the skin.

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  1. Venkatesh says:

    effects of nagative on anative if ketu is in 6th house

  2. Daamodar says:

    the sixth house in a horoscope stands for debts

  3. Sudha says:

    venus is auspicious in sixth house in vedic

  4. Anishka says:

    mars & it relation in 6th house vedic astrology