Sinsina is considered to be the chief among all the saints of India, and his wonderful temple is situated in Bharatpur at Rajasthan. He is worshipped by certain sects of people in Rajasthan. He is believed to have been taken birth in this earth before few thousand years, and he is said to be the staunch devotee of Lord Krishna.

Sinsina is believed to have been born in a village at Rajasthan to a pious family, and at his young age itself he was very studious and concentrated his attention on studies as well as on bhakti. Instead of playing games with other boys, he used to visit the nearby Krishna temples, and got enlightened at his young age itself.

At his teenage he left his home, and went to the Himalayas, and performed meditation on Lord Krishna, and through that, he got great spiritual powers. After some time, he returned to his native village at Rajasthan, and with his spiritual powers, he healed the diseases of the people, and performed many miracles in the life of his devotees, similar to our holy Guru Shirdi Saibaba, and till his death, he dedicated his life towards doing service to the mankind and to the god. After his death, due to his good karmas, he has attained salvation, and reached the abode of god.


1. You can see the god in the souls of all the living beings in the earth.

2. Remove your ego, and behave properly with others.

3. Unnecessary fighting will create permanent enmity with others.

4. Don’t differentiate people based on their caste, creed, gender and religion, since god considers everyone as equal.

5. Becoming a prince or a pauper lies in your hands only, and don’t blame the god for your own actions.

6. Through your kindness, make your worst enemy into your friend.

7. Through your sincere prayers on the almighty, you could be able to lift even the mountains on your hands.

8. Don’t judge others based on their status. Judge them based on their activities.

9. Provide food to the poor and the needy, and don’t neglect the animals and birds, when they seek food from you.


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