Simha Rashi Chandra Grahan July 2019 Astrology Predictions | Lunar Eclipse Results for Simha Rasi

Chandra Grahan July 2019 astrology predictions for Simha Rashi natives, Leo zodiac. This lunar eclipse may bring medium results in fact it is an average period for Simha rasi natives.

Since the effect or the impact of this lunar eclipse will be there till next lunar eclipse, we need to be careful about each event as it happens.. We’ll discuss each aspect which will be impacted by this lunar eclipse here… Finance, Education, Business, Career, Health, Family Relations..

Those who born in Magha Nakshatra, Purva Phalguni Nakshatra (Pubba nakshatram), and Uttara Nakshatra (1st quarter) are considered as Simha Rashi natives (Leo sign).

Finance / Money Related Affairs

With the support of the planets, you will be able to make money from the older or existing sources. During this, you should not take any big decision related to any finance matter. This duration will not be good taking such decisions. If you take any major decision, it is not expected that you gain much.

During this period, time will be auspicious for taking major decision for buying property. This period will be very auspicious so you will be successful to accumulate good amount of wealth.


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Educational Results

If you are some of those who attend school, this period won’t be promising for you. The reason behind this is distraction which is one of the biggest hurdles for the students. It is also in your horoscopes that you will also have some programs that may divert your attention your studies. So to get out of this problem, you need to work hard and control yourself.

The easiest way to sort out the problem of distraction is that you need to make a schedule for all the important work as you need to stick with that firmly in all the situations.

Business Predictions

You are going to have the blessing of the planet Jupiter, so you will see your business moving ahead smoothly. As your business will be moving smooth so your expenses will be growing as well. This sign does not seem in favor of you and your business. No one can be in win- win situation, if his expenses grow without any restriction. You people need to think twice before spending money.

If you are businessmen, you know it very well that how difficult is to make money where as you can spend that in no time. So, you need to have a reign on your expenses. If you fail in doing so, you may some tough time in spite of your good business.

Effects on Career / Job

You will be efficient enough to get more and more credential which will help you achieve your goals. You will learn new skills. You will do everything with well planned strategy which will be beneficial in future.

Right from the beginning of this period, you will move forward with positive attitude on your professional path. You will be use your time in good way and this way will offer you opportunities to gain better position.

Health Predictions

You may sometimes feel weakness due to which you may not feel good physically and mentally. So, it can be said that the entire year is not going to be much disappointing. To deal with these health issues, it will be better to you to get involved some health activities throughout this year. You are also advised to adopt healthy habits and diet.

Right from the beginning of the period, you will be concerned about your health so you may consider adopting healthy way of living. After adopting healthy habits, you will notice positive changes in your health.

Family Relations / Love / Relationships

There are some possibilities that you people may get so offended with your partner that you can start shouting over your partner or speaking loud with your partner. All this may take your love life and relationship to a very bad condition.

Thus, there are possibilities that you may have some bad things in your relationship and love life. In such situation, you need to be very careful as behave in a very controlled way. All these things will be under the influence of the planets. So it would be good to you not to surrender yourself before these situations.

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  1. SUNITHA says:

    How is our future, it is Positive or negative, How is MY behaviour, in my friends & relatives & my familymembears I think some confuse why.

  2. Magadhi says:

    leo rashi careers 2015 june by indian astrologer

  3. Yamini says:

    effects of lunar eclipse on simha rasi today

  4. mnv says:

    I am already faced the worst day of my life yesterday. tomorrow is eclipse and i am a person of simh rashi. what can i do to reduce its adverce effect? what can i do to bring some positiveness?

  5. Moksha says:

    Not convinced better if shows precisely

  6. Shailesh kumar kavi says:

    I am born in 3rd June 1968 TOB:13hr 15 min and POB; Dehradun
    Since June 2014 i am facing bad luck with no job and facing lot of problems. I am very positive and dharmik guy…done all sorts of puja but till now not have overcome with my problems..No job and financial loss…please predict if you can.

  7. sham Kumar N says:

    In my office I try to complete my duties, but my boss never trust me. My increment also slowly done and present am constructing home.My rashi -simha, nakshtra- Magha. What do I to do financial stable.

  8. Soma Chakraborty says:

    Dob-24.01.1981 (female), birth time-9.10AM, place-Jamshedpur(Tata nagar)
    Facing job relate problems. Kindly show me a way to get overcome.

  9. Savitha says:

    My rashi – simha, nakshatra – pubba. My husband rashi also simha. We got love marriage last year. But from 2 months some misunderstanding will going on. My husband is having Gd character I know that but some negative thoughts coming about him. What I have to do..?