Sikata Nivavari | Pious Wife of Sri Krishna Nivavari

Sikata Nivavari was the pious wife of Sri Krishna Nivavari, who was considered as a great saint and a devotional writer during the ancient India. Similar to her husband, she had contained good knowledge in Vedas, and some of her contributions were included in the Rig Veda (9.86). Sri Krishna Nivavari had worked as a Chief priest in a Krishna Temple at the present day Gujarat during the 3rd Century BC. His noble wife Ma Sikata used to accompany with him in the temple, and would tie beautiful flowers in the plantain thread and used to adorn it to Lord Krishna.

Both of them were enjoyed doing the divine service, and with the meager income which they got from the temple, they were happily lived together. Though their basic needs were satisfied by the god, but they didn’t have a child, and due to that, they have worried a lot in their life. One day their prayers were answered, and Lord Krishna had appeared in the dream of Ma Sikata, and asked them to consider him as their child and disappeared. When the couple woke up from the bed in the next day morning, they saw a beautiful peacock feather, and a golden flute lying nearby their bed. The couple were very much delighted with the noble act of Lord Krishna, and from then onwards, people living nearby their area considered them as divine couple.

Ma Sikata was a pious, chaste and a kind hearted woman, who used to serve food to the poor devotees of Lord Krishna in the temple, and she also would participate in the Bhagavatham Discourse along with her husband Nivavari. They also visited lot of Krishna Temples throughout India, and spread the

“SRI KRISHNA BHAKTI” amongst the people, and also guided the people in the spiritual path. They treated their village people as their own children and moved with them very kindly throughout their life. After living a full-fledged life for many years, after their death, both of them were attained the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.


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