Significance of Falguna Month, Reference of Falgun Masam in Hindu Religious History

Falguna masam is the last among the 12 months in Hindu calendar. This month does not contain many auspicious days and festivals, but the Falgun month has a great significance according to Hindu Mythology (Hindu religious history). The most prominent incidents of the most important Itihasas for Hindus, Ramayana and MahaBharata occurred in the Phalgun month.

Great Incidents of Ramayana – Occurred in Phalgun Masam

The Ramayan War (war between the army of Vaanaras and Ravanas army) started on the day ofPhalguna Bahula Padyami. During the war, demon Doomraksha was killed on Phalguna Vidiya, demon Vajradanshtra was destroyed on Phalguna Thadiya and demon Akampana was demolished on Phalguna Chavithi by the army of Lord Rama.

Sarva Senani (Army Chief) of Ravanas army, Prahastha was killed by Neela, Sarva Senani of Ramas army, on Phalguna Bahula Panchami. And one of the sons of demon Ravana, Athikaya was killed by Lakshmana, on Phalguna Bahula Ashtami.

One of the most important incidents of Ramayan War, the war between Lakshmana and Indrajitthu (Meghanath), was started on Phalguna Bahula Ekadasi and concluded on Phalguna Bahula Trayodashi. On the day of Trayidashi, Indrajitthu was killed by Lakshmana.

The most important incident in Ramayana War (in fact in whole Ramayana), Ravanasura Vadha (demolition of demon Ravanasura), occurred on Phalgun Amavasya. The day of Ravana Vadha is considered as the most important festival for the whole universe.

Great Incidents of MahaBharata – Occurred in Phalguna Month

The real representative of Dharma in Mahabharat, Dharma Raju (Yudhistira), was born on Phalguna Bahula Astami (Jyeshta nakshatra). Every Hindu should celebrate this day as Dharma Parirakshana Divas.

The body builder in Pandavas, Bheemasena, was born on Phalguna Shudda Trayodasi. Bheemasena is called as Maha Veera of Pandavas. On the same day, Duryodhana and Dushshasana were also born. And other 15 Kauravas were also born in Phalguna month.

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